About this Service

Our in house Audiologist is here to provide ongoing auditory support so that your child never misses a beat! Services are available from September through June, Monday through Thursday, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.
Optimal access to sound is paramount for the development of listening and spoken language and to facilitate learning. Whether a child requires a hearing assessment, technical support for their listening devices or acoustic modifications in their learning environment, our onsite audiologist is here to provide immediate expert assistance and support to our students to ensure that they hear the best they can at all times.

We provide services to children from birth through to Grade 12 who are enrolled in our First Words, Centre-based or Itinerant programs. We work closely with children, families, teachers, therapists and independent schools, providing education, consultation, and support for your child's auditory and listening needs, personal and classroom hearing technology, and mainstreaming preparation.

We also provide services to adults on a need basis. We are also clinical practicum setting for graduate students from the University of British Columbia

Audiology Services Provided:

  1. Comprehensive hearing assessment (otoscopy, tympanometry, audiometry, speech perception testing)

  2. Hearing aid and assistive listening device evaluation, sales, programming, verification, validation and troubleshooting

  3. ‚ÄčEar impressions for earmolds, swim molds, earplugs

  4. Client and family consultation and education

  5. Collaboration and consultation with onsite and itinerant staff, community professionals and service providers

  6. Liaise with the Provincial Resource Program - Auditory Outreach for loaner Roger/FM equipment for K-12 students