About the Program

Our Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing support teachers and students (with hearing loss) in independent schools. These services are delivered in person to students in Greater Vancouver and across BC through a combination of video-conferencing, regularly scheduled visits and ongoing communication with the student's team of professionals.

Our Impact:


Developing communication skills by:

  • Enhancing speech development/articulation.
  • Expanding expressive and receptive language.
  • Developing and remediating spoken language.
  • Promoting appropriate social pragmatic behaviour.

Academic support by:

  • Supporting the academic curriculum in all subject areas that relate to language.
  • Developing and refining literacy skills.
  • Providing activities that promote critical thinking skills.


Support for school staff:

  • Providing educators with knowledge and skills to best support the student.
  • Ensuring that the student's cochlear implant, hearing aids, personal and sound-field FM system are working to provide access to sound.
  • Participating in collaborative team meetings to define the students needs in audition, speech, language, and developing and monitoring progress of the student's Individualized Education Plan.
  • Providing teachers and parents with student assessments and progress reports, which include up-to-date assessment information on cognition, speech, language and auditory skill development.





"The Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TDHH) has been a great asset to our team. She is a wealth of information, has related really well to the students and their families. She is easy to connect with and has great insight and recommendations."

"We have had first class service from all of our TDHH.  They have done an outstanding job with all of our students over the years."

"It is so helpful to have an expert come in and support students with their hearing equipment and hearing-specific IEP goals. It is especially wonderful to be working with a TDHH who has a hearing impairment herself, this has helped her connect with her students."

"The TDHH is so friendly and kind. She worked well with our student. She made him feel comfortable right away and was always flexible in her work with our student. She would often adjust her lessons so that it lined up with what was being done in class or catered it to the student's interests."