Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving


With most households operating on a monthly payment cycle, it makes sense that more donors like you are opting for the ease and convenience of giving on a monthly basis. Monthly giving is a quick and convenient way to make a significant contribution that will greatly impact the lives of countless deaf and hard of hearing children and their families!

Monthly giving donors provide Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre with stable funding, allowing us to plan programs with the comfort of knowing that we have a reliable flow of donations from supporters like you. Even small donations of $20 a month add up, making a significant impact on the lives of children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Your dedication to the Centre’s success makes you a true Hearing Hero!

By Becoming a Hearing Hero:

Your donation will automatically be charged to your Visa or MasterCard each month.
You will receive one consolidated tax receipt at the end of the year.
Help reduce our administration and processing costs allowing us to put more of your donation to work.
Be invited to exclusive donor appreciation events held by the Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC