Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Auditory stimulation plays a large role in in the development of our gross and fine motor skills. Any delay in auditory stimulation affects motor development, thereby delaying mastery of each successive developmental milestone. Our Occupational Therapy Services (OT) addresses motor development through weekly and group sessions.

Children attending our Centre based classes are assessed by our occupational therapist at the beginning of the school year to identify students who would benefit from individual therapy. Our therapist also provides teachers with guidance on group class activities, particularly when multiple students in a given classroom demonstrate a need for services. The OT will go into the class and perform assessments and work with teachers to implement strategies to address the given challenges. This provides teachers with a better sense of their students’ needs, gives them the tools needed to allow them to carry out routine classroom activities, and improves the overall quality of education they provide. Lastly, our therapist provides educational support to parents as well as instruction on exercises to be performed at home to ensure their child’s continual progression.

OT Sessions Focus On:

  1. Gross and fine motor skills
  2. Balance

  3. Visual motor integration

  4. Visual perceptual skills

  5. Reflex integration

  6. Sensory processing