SLP Services

SLP Services


We offer comprehensive Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) services to all children with hearing loss enrolled in our centre based programs. Children are typically seen for individual intervention sessions for one hour each week.

Parent involvement is an integral part of our SLP services. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s intervention program in order to support their child’s listening and spoken language development outside of the school setting. Regular opportunities are provided for coaching sessions, video observations, meetings and discussions about each child’s individual progress.

The Centre SLPs work closely with classroom staff to develop intervention plans for each child. This collaboration ensures that children have opportunities to work on their skills both in individual sessions and in a group setting. 

SLPs complete annual speech and language assessments using standardized tests and other observational tools. Assessment reports are provided at the end of each school year to summarize each child’s overall strengths, needs and recommendations for the future.

SLP intervention focuses on developing skills in multiple areas, including:

  1. Auditory/listening skills
  2. Receptive and expressive language

  3. Vocabulary

  4. Articulation/speech sounds

  5. Cognition

  6. Social communication